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February 26, 2007
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More Philosophy by LilithNightwalker More Philosophy by LilithNightwalker
More philosophy doodling. Once again, Kant.

The conversation:
Stick Figure 1: Are you good?
Stick Figure 2: Do you mean objectively or subjectively?
Stick Figure 1: What has that got to do with it?
Stick Figure 2: Well... you know... Kant... what is good...
Stick Figure 1: I hate philosophy.
Stick Figure 2: Hey, you asked the question.
Stick Figure 1: Whatever. Forget it.


I think the key is to keep in mind that this was drawn during a boring philosophy lecture. :D
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Again, your insight into the mannerisms of the common homo philosophia is astoundingly accurate. :D

Rule #2: Never allow a philosopher to quote another philosopher. The result is a terrifying melange of domino theory and six degrees of separation, as they quote what each philosopher quoted from six others who quoted six more. Ever seen the Star Trek episode where those Tribble things were going to multiply until they covered the universe? Imagine that, but with premises and conclusions.
It must be an innate insight, because I sure as heck don't notice it. :D
An innate talent is still a talent. In fact, even more so. :D
Seriously, though, everyone in the Sanctum are all like, "GENIUS!" and I'm like, "really? I just thought it was funny."

It was that way with the Users, too. A lot of my ideas come out like that. I just think it's interesting or funny and other people get all excited.

On a different note, I apologize for using the word "like" twice in the first sentence when another word would have worked much better. :D
I think it's partly due to the fact the we Sanctumites tend to think things through more than is perhaps necessary/desirable/healthy in the long run. And the idea of Users, my dear, was absolutely worthy of the level of admiration it recieved. :XD:

But you better watch your step on the "like" front, since I'm also a Brother of Grammar. I'll keep my Wordsword sheathed if - if! - you promise never to do it again. :shakefist:
I will do my best, Brother. I have sworn to do so. For is it not in the Brotherhood's Sacred Vow that we Brothers should fight incorrect grammar with our very lives?

Why, yes, I do believe it is in the Sacred Vow. Fancy that. :D
I'm actually quite proud of myself, in that I have abstained thus far - despite the overwhelming temptation - from making the obvious quip about being Brothers even though you're female.

...FSM damn it, I just did, didn't I. :dohtwo:
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