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February 25, 2007
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A Conversation with Descartes by LilithNightwalker A Conversation with Descartes by LilithNightwalker
Drew this during philosophy class the other day.

The conversation, in case you can't read it:

"So, you're Descartes, huh?"
"Do you like philosophy?"
"'Well' what?"
"Does philosophy exist?"
"Do you exist? Do my hands exist?"
"You don't have hands."
"But they could exist."
"I'll take that as a 'yes' to my question, then."
"Do questions exist?"

If you know any of Descartes' writings, this will be slightly clearer to you. :D
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Hahahaha amazing!!! I loved it
Hehehehe. Verily and in sooth, these words might have been spoken by the father of modern philosophy himself. :lmao:

Except they would've been in archaic French, naturally, and thus practically unintelligible. :D
Actually, Descartes wrote in Latin. So... would he have been speaking Latin here?

Whatever. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The kid who sits behind me enjoyed it, too. We were pretty much passing cartoons back and forth that day in class... it gets really boring. :D
Well, he wrote the Principia Philosophiae in Latin, but his Discourses on Method were in French. Maybe he'd use some sort of pidgin Latinšais? "Je cogito, ergo je sum?" :XD:

I tend to doodle a lot in Philosophy too. I think the atmosphere is pretty conducive to amusic artistic expression. I had one somewhere about Locke biting the bullet - literally - but I can't find it any more... :D
I've got a couple more I'll be posting tonight... one features both Kant and Descartes.

Then there was one that I didn't scan in because it was too small, just a doodle, really... it was a stick figure Kant being eaten by a monster... Kant was saying, "this is not good!"

Heee. Unfortunately most of mine are pretty small too - for instance, the ones I drew when we were into Philosophy of Mind and studying about mental states and "qualia". The singular form of "qualia", our prof insisted, is a "quail".

I'm sure you can imagine the sort of doodly hilarity that information spawned. :lmao:
Oh, dear me, yes. That must have been epic. :D
Aye - that's one problem with writing notes on the MacBook, as I've recently taken to doing for simplicity's sake. Doodling in Flash just doesn't have the same charm as on looseleaf. Plus the damn mousepad thingy is bloody hard to draw with. :XD:
Yes it is.

But if you get the new version of Microsoft Word, it has a notebook feature that lets you type on a page that looks like a notebook and automatically does outline form... it's pretty cool all around, but the point is that there's a sketch feature in it which is fun. :D

But the mouse is hard to draw with, so I only actually doodled like that on one of my note pages.

But if you are taking notes on your mac, back everything up! That was the moral of my little "adventure". Always back up everything on your computer.
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